12 Life-changing Benefits of Personal Branding

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While not everyone has a business, everyone is undeniably a brand. There are many benefits of personal branding. Whether in the professional arena, personal pursuits, or social interactions, our choices and identities contribute to a unique brand.

For individuals, personal branding is about showcasing your skills, personality, and values to build a distinctive brand. 

It’s how you want people to perceive you. 

For businesses, your personal brand is what sets you apart from others as well as the branding within your business. 

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What are the benefits of personal branding?

In the vibrant tapestry of my entrepreneurial journey, a pivotal moment unfolded during a call with potential investors eyeing YesHoney Collective, my brainchild in the realm of Entrepreneurial Events.

Facing these investors, who were poised to infuse a substantial sum into our venture, I realized the gravity of making a lasting impression. It wasn’t just about securing funds; it was about ensuring every touchpoint echoed the excellence of our brand.

In this digital landscape, where first impressions are paramount, I understood the need for intentional curation of my personal brand.

As the call commenced, I found myself under the scrutiny of an investor who had delved into my LinkedIn, treating it as a canvas that painted the narrative of my professional journey. It was akin to a pop quiz, where my connections and background were scrutinized. Thankfully, my proactive decision to revamp my LinkedIn earlier that year paid off, reflecting my current status as a founder with resonance.

To my surprise, the investor had not stopped at LinkedIn; my website and Instagram had undergone meticulous examination. The events showcased on my Instagram became talking points, illustrating the importance of consistency in the brand experience.

This experience etched a powerful lesson in my entrepreneurial ethos – in this interconnected world, where seekers meticulously research before engaging, every facet of your personal brand is a conversation starter. Strengthening your brand not only forges trust but empowers others to speak passionately about your journey.

It’s time to start believing in the power of a strong personal brand.

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12 benefits of personal branding:

  1. Enhanced Credibility

    With building a powerful personal brand comes enhanced credibility. Once people become familiar with who you are, they’re more likely to trust you and your products and services. When you understand the power of personal branding, you will spend the time cultivating visibility and authority within your industry. Without this, your brand is likely to not go anywhere. 
  2. Career Advancement

    Perception of value is important. When people perceive you to be of value, they will remember you and choose you for opportunities. 

    Back when I was interviewing for my jobs I had a branded resume cover letter and a folder with a branded sticker for each person I interviewed with. I made it easy to stand out from people who were doing the bare minimum. 

    Even if interviewers were unaware of my brand when I walked in, my branded resume, cover letter, and value gave them the perception that I had a brand. It made me stand out in a tough job market.
  3. Improved Networking

    Every person is accessible as long as you showcase your value and care when you get in contact. Most people are truthfully 2- 3 contacts of the people on their radar. It just takes tact. Having a strong personal brand can definitely help your chances with improved networking. The key is to keep showing up in alignment.

    A tool I use at my YesHoney Collective events is called Pitch Fit:
    • Who you are
    • What you do
    • Who you help
    • One thing that would help you. 
  4. Better Job Opportunities

    A strong personal brand increases your visibility. Visibility in a crowded job market included. With a strong personal brand, your authenticity and your willingness to give value will always set you apart from others.

    But it’s not just about securing better job opportunities. It’s also about your exposure to opportunities. When you’re intentional about building your brand and you’re doing everything in your power to expand your reach, your network will also expand. This gives you easier access to the people who are in the position to hire you and refer you to better job opportunities.
  5. Attract Speaking Opportunities

    When it comes to being selected for speaking engagements or brand campaigns people will check your Instagram and other platforms. Just to see if they can trust that you are consistent about providing content about your niche.

    I’m going to be a little frank here. If you don’t have a website, you shouldn’t be speaking. With that said if you don’t have a personal website, then you need to get one as soon as possible.  People need to connect with you to see what you offer. At a minimum, have a landing page with who you are, what you do, and how to best contact you. 

    As people become more familiar with you and your story, they will reach out to you for opportunities. This can be a feature on a podcast, Instagram live, or in-person events. The point is a strong personal brand will open more doors than one.
  6. Thought Leadership

    As a personal brand, you must get comfortable with sharing your ideas, strategies, and stories as I’m doing in this blog. 

    When you consistently share your personal ideas, people begin to look up to you as a thought leader. When they have questions, they scan your socials or send you a message.

    This is how you know your brand is gaining credibility and visibility. Your new position as a thought leader can also lead to jobs, speaking engagements, and collaborations.
  7. Higher Earning Potential

    Imagine demanding top dollar for your services but your target audience has no idea who you are. Now imagine building a strong personal brand and commanding top dollar and people paying it with no hesitation.

    The difference in the scenario is a strong personal brand. People will pay you because of your reputation and your expertise. Sometimes without knowing if you can do the job or not. 
  8. Personal Growth

    The benefits listed here are not just benefits. They’re also factors that contribute to your personal growth. Learning how to take advantage of the benefits but also be better at them is a part of your growth as a brand.

    Never stop learning. The second you stop, your brand stops growing. What you learn should also complement your personal brand. Define who you want to be and build that day by day, decision by decision.
  9. Increased Confidence

    Having a strong brand can increase your confidence. Both in yourself and your business. When you’re confident you project yourself with more authenticity, authority, and conviction. 

    Having increased confidence means that you’re in a better position to tell your brand’s story, communicate your why, and differentiate yourself.
  10. Brand Loyalty 

    Your personal brand is built on your expertise but also your value, skills, passions, and experience. When you begin to tell your story and to share value, people will gravitate towards you and your brand. The more useful you are and the more you stand out, the more people will be drawn to you. You’re connecting to them beyond the surface level, but rather emotionally.

    In turn, these people will reward you with their loyalty. This is why I reiterate the power of storytelling. The more you share your stories, the more chances you have of building an emotional connection with your audience. 

    But this shouldn’t be all about you. When you’re sharing your stories, it’s easy to overshare or tell irrelevant stories. This is why knowing your audience and their pain points is crucial. 
  11.  Legacy Building 

    It’s so important to focus on building your legacy, daily. Every day I’m reminded of my mortality. 

    Your personal brand isn’t just about your business, it goes far beyond that. What you do with your talents impacts your current life but it also impacts your legacy. How will people remember you? What will they remember the most? What will you leave your family with when you’re gone?

    If you are intentional with building your personal brand, then it will lead to your legacy. The qualities you will be remembered for are the parts of your brand identity that you would have spent time building on earth.

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Each chapter of our journey becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of our narrative. 

Picture a defining moment in my entrepreneurial journey—a crucial call with potential investors eyeing YesHoney Collective. It wasn’t just about securing funds; it was about ensuring every interaction echoed the brilliance of our brand.

As the scrutiny unfolded, from LinkedIn to Instagram, it became evident: in this interconnected world, your personal brand is a dynamic dialogue starter. It isn’t simply about building trust; it’s about inspiring others to passionately engage with your story.

Personal branding goes beyond mere visibility; it’s about standing out authentically. 

Imagine not just demanding top dollar for your services, but having people willingly pay it, drawn by the allure of your established personal brand.

Yet, the journey isn’t just about tangible gains; it’s a perpetual evolution. A commitment to continuous learning that propels your brand forward. 

So, amidst the hustle of everyday, envision the broader canvas. Your personal brand isn’t confined to the now. It’s the imprint you leave and the legacy you shape. The choice is yours—craft it consciously, day by day. 
If you’re ready to make a conscious choice, book a dream builder call to get started developing your Personal Brand. ✨

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