How to scale your personal brand – the ultimate brand development guide

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Brand Development takes time. That means there’s no better time to become the champion of your brand by learning how to build online. In the fast-paced business world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of challenges you face daily.

Introduction to Brand Development: How to Build a Brand Online

The juggling act of managing unbearable workloads, dealing with challenging clients, and navigating through uncertainties can leave you exhausted and unsure of your next steps.

This ultimate brand development guide was created with you in mind. You’re the dreamer and the doer, the entrepreneur who wants to know how to build a brand online without losing herself or burning out.

I get it–the dream is to make more money but not by working harder. You’re already overworked and exhausted. The way to achieve this is by strategically scaling your brand.

How? Through understanding how your personal power and your unique gifts can be married into your special sauce and ultimately grow the brand of your dreams.

Overview: Understanding the Power of Personal Branding

In today’s world, where everyone looks and sounds alike, a personal brand is a game changer.

Having great products or services is not enough. To stand out, you have to rely on your unique identity. While intentionally resonating with your audience on a personal level.

A personal brand goes far beyond showcasing your skills. It’s about creating your own immersive world that reflects your story, your passion, and your expertise.

Choosing to be authentic challenges you to embrace the uncertainty and step into the possibility of creating a lasting impression.

Brand Building: Real-Life Success Story

Take, for example, Beez, she helps people with financial literacy and teaches them to increase their income in GovTech. When Beez began her brand, she did so anonymously. She was simply giving free advice and taking people along her financial journey.

In this brand alchemy case study, we will be diving into the story of Beez, an online financial literacy coach who was struggling to choose her next best move.

Before choosing to work with me, she didn’t identify as an educator, although she was already doing it. She didn’t think people would want to come to her for advice.

After working with me, she expanded her personal brand with her book The Financial Starter Kit. Since then she’s made over a million dollars in revenue in her business. She’s grown her audience on Instagram, she’s fully stepped into being an educator and she’s learned how to build a brand online.

Beez is an example of how being authentically yourself can breathe new life into your personal brand. She no longer hides behind a cloak of anonymity. But she breathes life into her community, boldly and fiercely, and people are drawn to her online and on stage.

A well-defined brand voice, such as Beez, is the cornerstone of personal branding. As your unique personality shines, your audience is able to connect with you emotionally. This makes them more likely to choose you to work with than your competitors and peers.

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Creating an Irresistible Brand Strategy while Brand Building

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There’s more to building a magnetic brand presence than a cute logo and a well-designed website. Though that’s a part of it as well.

The true strategy requires you to coordinate your brand strategy with both your business objectives and your personal vision. This serves as your compass, growing your brand and unleashing personal fulfillment.

But there are only so many value propositions you can create. After a while, people will crave distinct content from brands that are daring to be themselves.

Our brains are wired to forget. Here are a few practical ways to make your brand and content unforgettable.

Tips for Making Unforgettable Content T.H.E.I.R.S.

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Teach using the most powerful tool on earth, storytelling. Storytelling helps us make more connections between the left and right sides of the brain. They also help with deeper memories. People crave authenticity. People want to see themselves in the brand & people they support. If you have your own course check out: Online Course Creation That’s Profitable and Doesn’t Suck

Heal Pain Points

Heal and address the challenges of your customers or followers to build trust.

Engage the five senses in any way you can. For visual learners, use captivating images and videos. Auditory learners love videos and podcasts so that they can learn more from you while they multitask. Host brunches or meet and greets at your favorite restaurants or event centers to share a meal and message with your most invested community member. Create rich touch points, whether it is through packaging, stationary, websites, landing pages, or social media. You don’t get to choose where people find you but you can decide to become unforgettable with each experience.

Inspire Action

Inspire them with transformations, case studies, and testimonials. Show the ease that is on the other side of the offer you have created. Be extremely clear on your call to action for each touch point.

Resources, research, and respond

Be sure to share Resources, research, and respond to show how you are researching your market and staying on top of trends. Share insights from industry events and conversations with other leaders & collaborators.

Soulful & Searchable

Keep it Soulful & searchable. In the age of ChatGPT and AI, the bar is on the floor with how lazy people are getting with their voice in Brand Development. Stand out by creating soulful content and using relevant SEO/Search tags to make your brand easy to find. Decide if you want to be an expert or a character. Don’t be afraid to put your heart into your content.

Building an Online Presence that Delights

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There is no right way to create an online presence that people genuinely look forward to interacting with. But here are some tips that will help you stand out.

  • Define your soapbox: Get clear on the beliefs you stand on. Show your audience that duality exists where it may not seem likely.
  • Stay Consistent: I remember a friend’s mom asking me why I had 22k tweets. I told her how much I made from the platform and she asked for a business card. Consistency looks different for different people. Define how it looks for you.

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  • Measure and Adjust: Use tools like Sprout Social as a brand listening tool. Adjust when and where necessary.
  • Collaborate and Network: During the pandemic, I found myself contemplating how to adapt to the new circumstances. As a result, I created the YesHoney Collective (YHC) storytelling summit, which brought together six entrepreneurs weekly during the lockdowns. Through this summit, the entrepreneurs were able to grow their brands, book clients, and connect by sharing their stories and challenges. Cross-pollinate with your audiences with your peers. Teach & support each other, help heal pain points, and fill each other with inspiration. Share resources, and share stories that capture the soul of your businesses.

Cultivating a Strong Personal Brand Community

The biggest rule in developing a strong personal brand community is authenticity.

Community is essential to networking and collaborating. People can sense when you’re not being yourself.

The Strategy of Using What You Have

What if you could tap into that magical part of yourself that effortlessly shines when you’re with the people you feel most at ease with? Picture leveraging your natural essence to forge connections on a level that leaves a profound impact.

But here’s the thing. There are more powerful tools in your arsenal:

Keep in mind these tools are based on what stage of brand development you are in:

Startup: Brand Identity Development.

Amazing people are everywhere. Every person is within reach. When you decide to intentionally network, you decide to put yourself out there despite the uncertainties. Practice your pitch so that it becomes second nature. Arrive early and prepare to be remarkable. Remember, the person who could change your life might be a member of the production staff at events—you never know until you connect.

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Tune Up: Positioning, content, and Marketing Strategy.

Embrace the decision of how you want to show up for your community. As a personal brand, your purpose should be to relate, educate, or solve the qualifying problems of your target audience. The more you consistently show up, the easier it becomes to interact effortlessly. You can also commit to understanding your audience on a deeper level. There is more than one way to connect with people. You have the power to foster a deeper connection with different access levels.

Glow Up: PR & Media Strategy.

As you show up for your community, you will be called to the next level. A level where you can inspire profound change. This level can look like podcasts and media, which give others a chance to see how you think and teach without working with you directly or attract collaborations, which is another opportunity to reach an audience you have yet tapped into. Don’t shy away from these opportunities. View it as a challenge to be seen as what sets us apart from the crowd.

The key to maximizing what you have lies in embracing your authentic self.

Learning how to build a brand online involves networking fearlessly, relating, educating, solving community problems, and seizing opportunities to shine. What happens when you trust in your innate ability to connect and empower others and your personal brand soars to unprecedented heights of impact and influence?

By using what you have, you can become the guiding light that illuminates the path to transformative results.

Brand Development Content: How to Scale Your Brand Without Overthinking it

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It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when you’re faced with the possibility of a new reality. Let’s take a moment to lean into the possibilities.  My Monee M.O.V.E.S. strategy is what I use to scale effectively and without being overwhelmed.

M — Mission & Motives

When creating your marketing goals, you will want to remember to keep them SMART. Yes, everyone says this, but there is more than one way to set SMART goals. Many people rush to push a product without thoroughly understanding the problem their customers actually have with existing products in the market. It’s easier to empathize with your customer if you isolate the challenges. Remember:

  • Specific (simple, sensible, significant).
  • Measurable (meaningful, motivating).
  • Achievable (agreed, attainable).
  • Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based).
  • Time-bound (time-based, time-limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive).

Make a plan, stick to it, and organize your results in a way that makes it easy to compare.

O — Opportunity & Offer

Define the benefits of your offer to help your audience understand the transformation they can expect. Try this: “I help people to ____ so they can ___ without____.

Notice there’s no mention of the product or service. Sell the benefits to get the reaction from your customers you desire.

V — Visuals & Visibility

Visuals matter in brand development. Try asking your audience what joy, fun, or peace looks like for them in brand surveys. With that answer, consider how you can capture that in your brand visuals. Everything you create should focus on developing a beautiful but relatable visual experience for your audience.

E — Experience & Engagement

It’s your duty to interact with your tribe. Insert yourself in conversations that are relevant to your offer. Focus on one platform to start and grow your audience there before launching into another platform. Remember to engage and interact in conversations that are about your brand or product. Having beautiful content is not enough when you’re trying to scale. You must connect to collect.

S — Sales & Satisfaction

If you want less overwhelm, make it as easy and simple as possible for people to complete a transaction without you needing to hold their hand. When you get the sale, always over-deliver, outline a post-sale process and ask for reviews.


Storytelling, empathy, appealing to the senses, evidence, staying informed, and infusing our content with authenticity are the keys to successful engagement. Each strategy is pivotal in forging deep connections with our target audience while brand building. Staying informed and adaptable will help you navigate the dynamic digital landscape.

By embracing these principles consistently, we build a community of steadfast and committed supporters who not only believe in but also see themselves reflected in our brand. With every soulful post or community meetup, we leave an indelible mark in the hearts of those we touch, empowering our brand to shine amidst the uproar. As we foster deeper, more meaningful relationships with our audience, we lay the foundation for long-term success and impactful influence.

So, let’s start crafting those compelling stories, reaching out with empathy, and leaving our mark in the hearts of those we touch. As we climb to new heights of personal brand growth, we sow the seeds of lasting connections. Undoubtedly, this will help your brand to flourish and make an indomitable impact in the lives of many.

If you’re ready to embrace the magic of transformation within your personal brand, book a dream builder call with me.

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